Party T’s & C’s


  • All children in attendance of the party must be the correct age for the party:

PRESCHOOL PARTY (2-4 year olds)

GYMNASTICS PARTY (5-10 year olds)

PARKOUR PARTY (5-10 year olds)

  • Parents of guests are permitted to stay to watch and help. Parents are responsible for the safety of their child.
  • Parents of birthday child are responsible for ensuring all party guests parents are aware of all club and party policies
  • Parties are up to 20 children max including the birthday child. Parties can be shared with a friend but still with a maximum of 20 children
  • Photography and videos of your guests is permitted during your party, permission for the images remains the responsibility of the parent in charge
  • Once your party is confirmed an invoice will be issued and full payment is required within 7 days, failure to pay before the due date printed on the invoice will mean your party is no longer secure
  • Birthday child’s parents can arrive 15 minutes early to decorate the party room if you wish
  • All participating children must wear suitable clothing (no skirts or dresses, not too loose, no hoods, no zips, no jeans) have long hair tied back and no shoes, socks or jewellery should be worn
  • Please note there is no kitchen facilities however there is a area to prepare food
  • Party bags are not provided
  • We do not provide party food or drinks, parents have to provide this. We do not provide game prizes or decorations parents can provide this if they wish.
  • We do not provide music – Please bring an ipod/phone with a playlist with suitable music that you would like us to play – a speaker is provided
  • All food needs to be consumed after the “gymnastic activity”
  • No food or drink on the gymnastics floor area
  • We advise water is provided for participating children during the gymnastics activities
  • Parents and children are reminded to abide by all Safety Rules currently in place at all times
  • Parents of participants are required to ensure that all participants are physically fit and healthy to take part in the activity
  • Due to the nature of gymnastic activities, we wish to inform you that the possibility of injury does exist. As part of the party with Virtue, members will participate in vigorous athletic activity. In an effort to make the sport of Gymnastics, as safe as it can be, the staff will instruct all participants concerning the necessary rules and the correct mechanics of all skills. It is vital that participants follow the coach’s skill instructions, training rules and all club policies (available on our website) in order to decrease the possibility of injury. By attending a Virtue party, it is deemed that you assume and accept all risks associated with such participation
  • Every one must vacate the premises promptly
  • All rubbish needs to be taken with you
  • We have a no refund policy

Click here to read party rules .