Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some question we get asked frequently. If the answer you’re looking for is not in the list then please get in touch.

Can my child have a trial session?

Due to the demand of our classes we request full payment at the time of signing up, therefore the child will not have the option of a trial session beforehand. We do however offer a 48 hour period of reflection. If after your child’s first session you decided it is not for you please send us an email within 48 hours and we will refund you the remainder of the terms class fees.

How long will I be on the contact list for?

Spaces only become available when a current member either changes class (day or time) or decides to leave the club.

There is no way of us being able to put a time scale on how long your child could be on our contact list for.

As soon as a suitable space becomes available we will be in contact via email or phone.

Can I pay by cheque or cash?

We only accept payment via card payment.

New members fees are due in full on demand.

All current members fees are due a term in advance and should be paid in full.


I have received an invoice but I cannot make payment on time - can I pay at a later date?

If you are a new member payment is due on demand. Failure to pay by the due date stated on the invoice will result in loosing the space offered.

For all current Virtue members you will have a month in which to settle your invoice. Failure to pay by the due date means your space will be allocated to someone on our waiting list.

Please note all fees are non-returnable.

At Virtue we like to keep admin and costs to a minimum so fees are payable by card payment only.

We always publish next terms invoice date on our current term newsletters so parents are aware of when to expect the next invoice.

What is Virtue membership and British Gymnastics membership?

Virtue membership fee – There will be a set Virtue membership fee of £12.00 per year per child for all Virtue members. This will include Virtue priority membership and includes Virtue awards and resources. This Virtue membership will be an annual set fee. Membership to the club runs annually from 1 September. Club membership is due with every Autumn invoice. Please note children who attend our after school clubs only will not be charged this fee.

British Gymnastics Insurance – Every participant at Virtue Gymnastics (with the exception on school clubs and assisted pre school) must obtain personal insurance with British Gymnastics, the sport’s national governing body. Preschool participants cost £13.00 per year and all other class participants cost £19.00 per year. The British Gymnastics insurance year begins 1 October. You will directly pay it to British Gymnastics we will send you information via email upon joining.

Virtue priority booking – All Virtue members will receive priority booking as long as invoices are paid promptly.

Can I observe lessons?

Parents are not allowed to spectate during our recreational, freestyle or squad sessions. Once a term we invite parents in for a viewing week. Please note there is no viewing week the term of the club competition. 

We do not allow parents to watch their child’s gymnastics sessions in after school clubs due to lack of space, however once a term we invite parents to come along and view.

During our Preschool Bows sessions parents have to stay and assist their child. During our Preschool Arrows sessions parents are not permitted to stay and watch.



What should my child wear/bring?

Club leotards are compulsory for all our recreational and squad gymnasts.

For all our other classes your child should wear appropriate clothing please see our kit page for club uniform details. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, shorts and a t-shirt are also appropriate.

Long hair must be tied back and earrings have to be removed. No jewellery, watches or socks. A water bottle should be brought to each session. 

If my child misses a class, can I schedule a make-up class or get a refund?

Unfortunately this is not something the club offers.

What happens if a class is cancelled?

If we cancel a regular published class date we will attempt to offer an alternative class day, time or date to substitute this cancelled class, this is known as a ‘make-up class’. If you are unable to attend a ‘make-up class’ a refund will not be applicable.

If circumstances that are out of our control (such as a venue cancelling due to bad weather, a power cut etc) no refund or make-up class will take effect.

What is the pick up/drop off policy for my child?

All gymnasts should be delivered to and collected from within the gym hall and not expected to wait outside, unless you have given walking home consent on your registration form.

What happens if I am running late?

A phone call should be made directly to the club. A late fee of £10 will incur if a parent is more than 5 minutes late for pick up. 

If I enroll more than one child, do I get a discount?

We offer a sibling discount of 10% for the second child and 15% for a third 20% for a forth.


Please note school clubs are not included in discount.

What is the award scheme the children are following?


All our gymnastics classes follow the Virtue award scheme. Gymnasts are tested on these during the first half of each term. All gymnasts will receive a certificate at the end of every term free of charge. Please note School clubs do not follow our award system.

Click here to view the award scheme

What should I expect from each lesson?

Each lesson should be productive, structured and most of all fun for all gymnasts, regardless of ability. Each lesson is led by a highly qualified and trained gymnastics coach, who is fully CRB checked. 

RECREATIONAL CLASSES: Gymnasts will be warmed up for the first 10 minutes of their session including conditioning and stretching. The main teaching of a recreational class will last 45 minutes (30 minutes for REC 0). Each class will last an hour (45 minutes for REC 0).

SCHOOL CLASSES: The main teaching section of an after school club will be taught either as a circuit or as a whole class lasting between 25 and 35 minutes. After school clubs will then have a game, followed by a cool down and the clearing away of equipment. Each class will last an hour. (Breakfast clubs will be 45 minutes)

PRESCHOOL CLASSES: Children will have a 15 minute group warm up this will include a song and a stretch. They will then be assisted around 2 circuits each lasting around 10 minutes. There will be a 5 minute free play/group activity followed by a 5 minute cool down at the end of each session. Each class will last 45 minutes.

FREESTYLE CLASSES: A structured 10 minute warm up followed by a structured 20 minute class activity. The participants will then get the opportunity to work around different set ups independently. The class will then be brought back together at the end of the session to do a structured group cool down. Jnr and Youth class is an hour long, Snr class is 1.5 hurs long.

How much are classes?

All prices can be viewed on our class timetable.

We try our hardest to always offer at least a 11 week term, however this may vary due to hall hire, bank holidays etc.

* additional annual charge of £12.00 per year per child for Virtue Gymnastics membership & additional charge of BG membership payable directly to BG (£13 pre school, £19 club. Virtue gymnastics membership runs from Sep – Sep, BG Oct-Oct.

All fees are payable a term in advance, failure to pay fees on time will result in your child loosing their space.

How do I sign up?

If you complete the online “join the family” form, which can be found on our website, you will automatically be placed onto our contact list and someone will be in contact once a suitable space becomes available.

Can I pay as we go?

You can for a drop in class – please see our timetable for more details.