Words from our members

  • Hannah (Parent)

    This place is amazing. My daughter hasn’t been attending very long but watching her little journey has been amazing, seeing her go from not even talking in her class at school to taking part in competitions with virtue and at school. The coach’s are second to none and you can see the love they have for all of the children they do a great job highly recommend

  • Laura (parent)

    I would highly recommend Virtue, my daughter has been going since April and absolutely loves it! The coaches are brilliant and the connection they have with the children is just amazing. The passion they all have for gymnastics really does show through. My daughter is doing amazing and it is thanks to the coaches for all there help and support. The club is very family orientated which I think is lovely. I cannot speak highly enough about Virtue, they’re truly awesome!

  • Sarah (pre-school parent)

    Theo is 2 1/2 and loves his pre school gymnastics, he has so much energy to burn and loves to use all the equipment. The classes are fun and are tailored perfectly for his age group. Theo can be nervous of new things, but the the staff are so welcoming and friendly that he has settled really well and looks forward to it each week.

  • Helenie (freestyle gymnast)

    I find freestyle gymnastics super fun! Freestyle is not like normal gymnastic classes. We get free time to work on the moves that we want to work on, with coaches on hand to support us if we need them. This class really helps us improve our skills whilst still having a blast!

  • Jess (squad gymnast)

    The best thing I’ve done was move clubs to virtue I was stuck in a rut and starting to lack the love I used to have for gym but since I’ve been at virtue the coaches have helped me regain my smile at gym and I can’t wait for Thursdays each week. The team spirit is great too everyone cheers you on and gives you confidence to believe in yourself. Thank you Team Virtue

  • Max (Assistant Coach)

    I have been working with Virtue for around 6 months now and I am having a blast! Not only do I enjoy working here but I have developed and learnt lots as a coach myself in the same time. In each and every session I get as much enthusiasm and interest from the participants as I put in and it is always great fun!

    I am sure that in the coming years Virtue can only get bigger and better when it comes to inspiring young gymnasts and having an awesome time whilst doing so.

  • John (Freerunner)

    I have been going to Virtue freestyle class for just over a month now.
    It is much better then any other parkour/freerunning classes that I have been to for the simple fact that every week is different. I like that! Every other class that I have been to they are all ways the same. I have learnt so much in the short time that I have been at Virtue, purely down to the fact of the teachers, they are so good at what they do, and they are amazing at explaining how to do it. Every week that I have been I have learnt new skills.
    That is why Virtue is the best freestyle class that I have been to.

  • Helen (Squad Gymnast’s Mum)

    My daughter has been going to Virtue Gymnastics since it opened. In my view this is an excellent club for any child. Whilst all children are encouraged and challenged it is done with warmth, fun and kindness and all children’s successes are celebrated. The atmosphere always seems to be exciting and energetic. The coaches are professional, kind and approachable. Makes me wish I could go!

  • Lucie Colebeck (Coach)

    I’ve recently joined the Virtue team as a coach, and it was the best decision I’ve made. Coaches, gymnasts and parents were all so welcoming and made me feel right at home. The coaches have a great system in place and are extremely supportive. It’s such a great vibe walking into a session and seeing everyone having a fun but also learning gymnastics too.

    I’m very grateful to have been asked to be apart of Virtue; and the way it is run makes me feel proud to be part of it.

  • Daineon (Squad Gymnast’s Dad)

    My daughter joined Virtue Gymnastics 9 months ago and in that time she has gained more confidence in herself, I was really impressed with the routine she had to learn for the display team, she also got into the squad team, I’m surprised how quickly she has picked everything up, its been amazing to watch.

  • Chris (Recreational Gymnast’s Dad)

    Since my daughter has joined the virtue team she has loved every minute of the experience. She feels apart of a team and not just another member of the club. She enjoys interacting and learning with the various members of staff as they all bring something slightly unique to the classes. 

    My child was a part of the display team last term and that helped boost her confidence within herself. Virtue has a great club set up and I’m proud to have my daughter attend. Thank you for all you do and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and for Virtue.

  • Zora (Recreational Gymnast’s Mum)

    As a parent what makes VSG special to me is the fact that they care about each individual gymnast and not just the elite gymnasts. It is lovely to see how my daughter has developed since being a member of the club, not only in her gymnastic skills but as an individual. Being part of VSG has enabled her to build her confidence, gain resilience, determination, self-belief and focus.  All of which are vital skills for life – thank you!

    The way all the coaches and gymnast support each other not only just in competitions but during training too is fantastic. I love the relationship that has developed between my daughter, and all the coaches as they have helped her along her gymnastic journey. It is brilliant that she has such positive role models in her life.