Sunday 21st March marked International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. In todays blog our coach Lucie Colebeck will be speaking about the BLM movement with the amazing Dominic Mensah.

An extremely talented tumbler for Great Britain, Dom been very successful in both national and international competitions. He along with 3 other team members won gold and took the title of European Champions. Furthermore he was also crowned World Champion in the team event!! Check out his Instagram here @Dominicmensah_

A renowned activist athlete within the world of gymnastics, he recently teamed up with Nutthouse Media. Together they created a short film highlighting racial prejudice and stereotypes. Check it out here.

We stand together

At Virtue, we will always unite as one and stand up against racism both in and out of our sport. 

Last year in support of the BLM movement we donated 100% profit from a week of our full class timetable and all kit purchases. Proceeds were sent to directly to a charity close to our hearts: Black Minds Matter UK. A total of £600 was raised!

In addition to fundraising, included on our bio links across our social media platforms we have a support anti racism pop up. This pop up will enable every one who visits our sites an option to act now and donate to a number of charities in support of BLM.

Alongside that, we have two further options; educate and show up. People are able to to read through information and educate themselves and find out about up and coming events to get involved in to showcase your support. 

At Virtue we will continue to use our voice. We will continue to raise awareness. We will continue to educate. And we will ALWAYS support anti racism and #blacklivesmatter.  

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