Small but mighty!! This powerhouse of energy is the driving force behind all of Virtue! A talented and passionate ex GB gymnast, her enthusiasm and drive have made Virtue what it is today! She wants the absolute best from the whole of her Virtue family and her determination gets it from them – meaning the coaching team are always progressing! Totally dedicated, totally awesome and totally gorgeous! We love this woman!


Head of operations and Pre School

If you want to see a coach who always gives 110% no matter what then our “team mom” Shelley is your girl! Our very own Preschool guru, she knows everything there is to know about children and their development! She is the Queen of confidence building and just being in her presence will no doubt build your self esteem!


Head of freestyle

Head coach Liam fills all his sessions with an energy that can’t be matched! His technical knowledge in both parkour and gymnastics is second to none and if you want to learn to learn a new skill then he is your man! A smile, a high five and a whole lot of encouragement, Liam helps everyone achieve their very best every session! What a total star he is!



Head of Girls Squad and Workshops

Hols just loves gymnastics! As an ex gymnast herself her love for the sport clearly shows and she is passing it down to our Virtue gymnasts. Her skills and knowledge in floor work and choreography are extensive and she gets the very best from the gymnasts she works with.



Head of Aerobics

Celine, an energetic, enthusiastic little pocket rocket! With a huge wealth of knowledge in so many areas we are lucky to have this girl on board! A background in gymnastics, aerobics, cheerleading, dance and diving she is a super talented superstar. Did we mention she is a contortionist too – how cool is that?!


Head of Pre Team

Tils is a super experienced coach, has a really positive vibe and all the kids adore her, she loves receiving cards and drawings from her gymnasts! As well as being our very own Virtue princess she is also a tumbling gymnast for Great Britain! Strong, talented and gorgeous you cannot help but smile when you are around this girl!




Our lovely Coach Becca really is as kind as she looks, as an ex gymnast she knows just how to get the best out of the children! Her friendly and supportive coaching added to her calming energy help make Virtue the nurturing environment where our young gymnasts can grow and develop! We all need a Becca in our lives!



Erika is a newly qualified Level 1 coach, however don’t let that fool you into thinking that she isn’t experienced! She is VERY experienced! As well as being an ex competitive gymnast Erika is also an aspiring semi pro footballer! This girl is so talented there is not a sport she cannot turn her hand to! We are so lucky to have her in our family!



This boy’s middle name should be ‘Talent’!! Not only a master at Freerunning and Parkour, Tyrell is our resident photo and video guru. His work with our older and freestyle children has made such an impact in the time he’s been with us already! A natural easy going communicator – we are doubly lucky to have this super talented and insane dude in our family!


Senior Coach

What can’t this girl do? She is our very own sports guru. Melissa is a a kind, funny girl who knows how to get the best out of her gymnasts. She is an ex artistic gymnast herself, who has lots of coaching experience. She is also an incredibly talented dancer and performer. Melissa is a huge asset and we are delighted she has joined the Virtue family!



A true team member with ample swag, muscles and charisma, Bradley is a fantastic dancer and performer. He has all the energy and enthusiasm that’s required for both hip hop and gymnastics whilst being a fun and hilarious character! We are so pleased to have him in our crew. Bradley is a truly cool dude.


Senior coach

What Coach Nathan doesn’t know about the sport just isn’t worth knowing! As an ex GB gymnast his vast knowledge and enthusiasm make him one of Virtue’s firm favourite coaches in both parkour and gymnastics! With words of encouragement and technical support, Nathan will help any participant achieve their full potential! All with a laid back smile! Love him!!!



Stunning Kira brings so much fun to any session! Her laugh is contagious and she has an easy going calm nature, an ex gymnast, her knowledge of Gymnastics and her ability to communicate with all ages of children, make her coaching style super successful – she always gets the best out of everyone! Dedicated, kind and so funny, Keeks is our kind of gal!



Marvellous Max is so full of energy and fun fun fun, it’s impossible to be gloomy around him for even a second! He’s a firm favourite of children of all ages (and coaches and parents alike)! His extensive knowledge and skills as a coach help children achieve so much and are rivalled only by his amazing skills as a dancer! Every family needs a Max and we are so glad we have ours!


Assistant coach

As well as being part of our coaching team Court is also part of our girls competition squad! A very talented gymnast who transfers her knowledge and personal experience into her coaching methods. Super confident and super sassy this girl is going places!



Assistant coach

An accomplished member of our Virtue competitive gymnastics team Emily easily transfers her gymnastics skills into her coaching! A helpful, kind and considerate young lady she has the most wonderful way if our little ones ever feel anxious. Pure positive vibes!  


Assistant coach

Emmy’s dance background in Ballroom and Latin shines through in her love for gymnastics! Her desire for gorgeous artistry is a force to be reckoned with and her attention to detail is insane! A charismatic character within our coaching team, loved by our little ones Emmy is as gorgeous on the inside as she is out.


Assistant coach

The coach that never stops smiling! An ex gymnast and a very talented dancer this girl knows a thing or two about drive, dedication and determination. Brooke is full of encouragement and positive praise, what a great role model she is to have for our young gymnasts.


Assistant coach

Despite his age Ro is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic members of our team. Having grown up within the gymnastics and parkour world he has knowledge far beyond his years. Funny, talented and just so so sick this kid is one to look out for!


Assistant coach

Meggie is our very own dancing queen, super confident, super smiley and we are super lucky to have her! You can also find this talented star shining on a stage near you, she is our very own panto queen and we could not be prouder! The Virtue kids adore her just as much as we do!


Assistant coach

Expressive, dramatic, creative and full of adventure Josh keeps everyone smiling throughout their Virtue experience. As an Virtue squad gymnast himself and a accomplished actor Josh brings a whole lot of experience and fun to our party!


Assistant coach

Libby is a new addition to the team but do not underestimate her love for gymnastics. In the past Libby has been involved in gymnastics for leisure and now wants to get involved with helping other children find the love of gymnastics that she found growing up. With her enthusiasm for all things gym still overflowing, she is a brilliant member of the team to bring the fun and energy into the room.

Lucy D

Assistant coach

Lucy is so incredibly enthusiastic and is always delighted to be in the gym. She has a really positive can do attitude and has a gift with working with children, particularly our babies. A kind hearted soul who is constantly eager to learn and develop herself as a coach she is a lovely addition to our team.


Assistant coach

Not only is Jess a new member of our Assistant Coaching team she is also a part of Virtue’s competition squad. Jess is an amazing gymnast who channels her knowledge into her coaching. She brings out the best in our young ones and aways ensures they have the best time. Jess is super kind, super fun and super sassy. Our very own queen of sass!

Lucy O’C

Assistant coach

Lucy is our little ball of energy and fun! Always ready with a smile and a laugh, she is loved by our gymnasts, especially the younger sessions she coaches. Lucy is herself a fab gymnasts who’s love of the sport is clear when she coaches. We are so lucky to welcome her as an addition to our Virtue family.


Assistant coach

Joshua is our sports mad nutter. Freerunning, football, cricket, rugby – he loves the lot! A session is always full of laughs with this funny dude.  Always active and ready to help, as well as bring laughs along the way, Josh is a great addition to our team!


Assistant coach

Zac is one of our newest members of the coaching family. His passion for freerunning makes him a firm favourite with our young freestylers and his funny, easy going nature can’t help to make sessions he coaches the best fun! A karate Brown Belt (soon to be Black Belt) his sporting talent make us very lucky indeed to have him on board!