Online sessions

At Virtue we are proud to offer a range of award winning online classes for the following sessions: tumble, preschool, recreational as well as our squad, following our normal timetable. In addition to these group sessions we also offer online private sessions too!

We know this year has been a tough time for so many of us, our children included. Uncertainty and added worries teamed with lack of physical exercise is never a good combination. A weekly movement class can really help to deal with pressure, focus on their wellbeing, socialise and keep them healthy. But most importantly give them some form of normality and some FUN!

Why not sign up for an online class with us today, or even book a your own online private session!


We are so proud of each and every gymnast and selecting one gymnast per session per term is an extremely difficult task for our coaching team! Zoom really has been beneficial for every one and we are so grateful we have the technology and also parental support to continue our gymnasts training. The gymnasts have all improved tremendously due to Zoom in their flexibility and their strength, their form and shaping has improved drastically and thanks to our amazing coaches plans the gymnasts have been prepping their bodies for some really big skills! We cannot wait to get back into the gym and put their muscle memory into practice! Each child who has been awarded an end of term award will receive a medal posted directly to their house. We would love to see some reaction videos so look out for a black envelope and have your cameras ready! Please post your reaction videos on social media and tag us 🙂

Click here to view our online Zoom award winners for Spring Term 1