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“Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life is not good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way”

It’s not every day an issue becomes so global that it has an effect on our way of life. Many of us, if not all of us, have had to learn to adapt since the start of this pandemic, both in and out of lockdown. For some, the impact has been devastating and our strength, our love and thoughts go out to each and every one of you. 

As we reflect on the past year, one thing that stood out for us was how the we all came together when it mattered most – and we are not only talking about Virtue!

Members of the public volunteered to deliver groceries and medicines to their local communities. The nation stood on their doorstep to clap for all the NHS and key workers. And millions of pounds was raised for many charities in need including the NHS. Not forgetting the amazing Captain Tom Moore and his amazing achievements!

Lockdown Hero

Despite a lot of things changing, our priorities remained the same – staying safe and healthy. As a gymnastics club, we had to make drastic changes to how we ran our classes. When allowed in the gym we had to decrease the number of children in one class and provide our staff with full PPE. Maintaining social distancing throughout and an extensive cleaning regime was put in place. Each time the nation went into lockdown (as explained in blog #2), we had to adapt all of our plans to ensure they ran smoothly at home… Which was a huge success! 

Get Berkshire Active awarded Virtue with the ‘Lockdown Hero Award.’ To be recognised and applauded for the positive impact we’ve had on the thousands of children is exceptionally special to us. We are so proud and honoured to have received this award. 

GBA 9th annual awards #9thGBAAwards #BerkshireHeroes

For some of us, this is the first pandemic we’re experiencing. It’s all very new. To think that in years to come, children will be learning about Corona Virus in their history lessons and how the world (us now) overcame it.

Virtue Family

As a team, going from seeing and working with each other every day to not at all we found hard. Regardless of how many times we Zoom called each other, it just wasn’t the same. That being the case, Kara organises us regular staff group activities to keep us happy and healthy.

Together we have done online escape rooms (which we LOVE!) They bring us together, even though they are still over Zoom. We are able to connect in a different way, working together to achieve a shared goal… to escape!! We have also participated in fitness classes with the amazing RMC training. We have each taken it in turns to host team quizzes and most recently we had a team development day with Natalie Dow, a renowned life coach. During this team session we spent the day doing lots of tasks and exercises helping us think positively. Learning methods in which we are able to manage our thoughts was a highlight!

As a result of doing these arranged activities, we were able to have that sense of human interaction again. Honestly it felt just like being in the gym again, having a laugh with each other and having fun!  

As well as these various activities we’ve done as a group, we have weekly or bi-weekly meetings. We discuss how the sessions are going and converse and exchange ideas making sure we’re able to offer the best sessions. These meetings are also our chance to see how everyone is getting on in and outside of Virtue. 

Our team have found some interesting ways of how they maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. From a relaxing pamper evening to a great deal of renovating.

The goal isn’t to get rid of all your negative thoughts and feelings; that’s impossible…

Our Zoom coaching team are all very grateful to be working right now – seeing the gymnasts and having some routine is keeping us more positive as well as sane.

Kara has been very occupied for the duration of this lockdown. Putting her sole focus into ensuring everything in the current gym is running smoothly for everyone, as well as moving forward with plans for the new gym. It has been very time consuming and there have been a lot of late nights. However, she is really enjoying all the new challenges and learning curves.

Tilly has had an incredibly busy lockdown this time and has been very much kept on her toes. Working at a school on a daily basis with children she adores has helped her maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. Hollies main goal for each day is to make sure she walks more, and is actively trying to replace negative thinking with positive alternatives. For Celine, work has been her main priority and is what has kept her going throughout this lockdown. Coming up with great ways to keep her aerobic girls on their toes!

… The goal is to change your responses to them.

I have been lucky in terms of finding things to keep me busy as I bought my first home during the lockdown. Lots of cleaning, painting and renovating was needed which kept me going. I have been getting my brain working in different ways, one way is by learning a new language. Coming back from Cirque du Soleil, training and performing 7-10 times a week, to coming home and not being allowed to train at all was so hard. I recently bought a trampoline which is making lockdown number 3 much easier!”

Lucie proud new owner of a home and more importantly a trampoline

“I always like to have projects on the go as much as possible and try to keep busy every day during the lockdowns. Making things helps me and in the summer I built a deck and bar in my garden as well as a desk for my daughter. Walks with my family and our two dogs, playing guitar and the ukulele have also helped. And I am also an excellent Zoom quiz host now – I’ve hosted so many over lockdown with my friends and family!”

Shelley the ultimate Zoom quizmaster

“I’m lucky enough to have a home built gym so that has definitely been helping me sticking to exercising daily. This time round I have been watching a lot of Netflix and having pamper evenings. What’s keeping me going is knowing what’s ahead of us! Getting back to coaching in the gym and the summer – my favourite!”

Becca is very much looking forward to getting her tan on

Maintain yourself and every thing maintains itself around you 🙂

The most important thing we have taken from speaking to our coaches is to maintain your well-being. Now more than ever our mental health is crucial and such an major aspect of our lives. As your extended family if there is anything we can do to help or support you during this time please just let us know.

We have come to realise there have been many unexpected positives to happen in each of our lives. Even if you have to dig deep to figure out what those positives are, they are there!

Keep your eyes peeled for blog #4 as we talk about something that is very close to our hearts…

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