Party rules

Virtue Birthday Party Rules


Safety rules:


No gum, food, or drinks on the gym floor

No jewelry, change or loose items in children’s pockets

Long hair tied back

No socks, zips, skirts or jeans


General gym safety rules:


Please watch your step as you walk across and over the mats

No running in the gym, except in designated areas

Do not attempt any skills by yourself unless the coach approves

Only one person at a time on equipment

Good behaviour at all times

Ask permission to leave the gym if you need the toilet

Walk around the outsides of the mats

Look around before you jump

Always land on your feet with and with bent legs when jumping

No hanging upside down on the bar unless you are with a coach

No parents on the equipment

Grown ups must actively participate and supervise their child at all times

Grown ups are responsible for their own child’s safety