Squad handbook

Virtue Squad Handbook

Squad code of Conduct

It’s important that all expectations of squad are understood by both parents and gymnasts. Please can you take the time to read over our squad code of conduct.


Joining a Virtue Squad is a large commitment for both gymnasts and their families. It is both time- and financially consuming. To produce gymnasts to competition level takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Gymnasts are expected to attend all training sessions, all competitions, all displays and all holiday classes, the only exceptions being sickness and family holidays. Arriving late for sessions is not acceptable. If your child is in a squad at Virtue they will not be allowed to train at another gymnastics club. If your child is unable to attend a session please contact your head of squad and notify them through a squad FB page, text message or phone call.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s training at any time, please contact your head of squad via email to arrange a convenient time, email addresses can be found on our meet the team page.  Information about training times, competitions, etc is sent to parents via email. If you have a complaint or a query which does not concern the head of squad please contact the management team.


Competition fees vary normally £10.00 – £35.00. You will receive an email from Virtue notifying you that we wish to enter your child. You will need to confirm BEFORE the date stated. A competition entry fee invoice will be issued and this needs to be paid before the due date stated on the invoice. In some cases you may wish to  arrange overnight accommodation (at your own expense) prior to the competition. Gymnasts are required to stay for the duration of a competition to support their team mates, regardless of where they place, this fosters great camaraderie. We encourage gymnasts and their families to congratulate, praise and support not only fellow team mates but also fellow competitors.

Photography and Video Use

At BG competitions it is no longer necessary to obtain permission to use cameras and photographic equipment. If photography is not permitted we will make you aware. All members of squads are required to have both photo and video consent.

Club Uniform

It is compulsory to purchase the following garments as soon as a gymnast starts competing:

Virtue club training Leotard: Cost from £29+

SQUAD tracksuit: The price is £40 per completed kids set, £45 per completed adults set

contact info is:

0118 327 1060 | 07824 709 548 | info@sumosam.com


20 Hildens Drive, RG31 5HU

Please call Sumo sams direct to oder – please state it is the SQUAD tracksuit you will be purchasing as these are not available on the website.

Optional: club kit: Cost Varies (Bag and water bottle are advised)


Squad competition leotard (excluding IAC Aerobics): Boys Cost from £50+ Girls cost from £70+

To be ordered by Managing Director and invoiced separately

The competition leotard will be changed approximately every few years and it will be necessary for you to purchase the new Competition leotard. Please note competition leotards should not be worn outside of competitions/displays or performances.

For training gymnasts are allowed to train in any leotard of their choice. Please note we allow girls aged 12+ to wear shorts on top of their leotard if they wish, girls under 12 should wear leotards only and no knickers underneath. Outer kit is allowed to be worn for warm up.

Extra Private Training

You may occasionally be offered private tuition to prepare your child for competition or to make up a new floor routine.  An extra charge will normally be made for such training. If you or your child feels they require extra training you can book a private session via email.

Contact Details

Coach contact details can be found on our website.


Please request to join the relevant Facebook groups – These groups are dedicated pages for squad members only. Training times, competition and additional information will be posted here when possible.

Virtue Girls Squad 

Virtue Pre Team Squad 

Virtue Aerobics Squad 

Virtue Boys Squad

Virtue Display Team Squad

Extra Training

Squad gymnasts are advised to attend GYMFIT once a week. These sessions are bookable on a pay as you go basis via our website under DROP IN

Squad Placement

In the interest of maintaining a successful squad, assessments and adjustments will take place throughout the year and the squad team is liable to change at any time. Dedication and commitment to the squad are required from all members to ensure a place on our team.

Additional Requirements

Please can you ensure your child brings a gym bag into training each week. In their gym bag they must have a bottle of water, a gym book (a named note pad/book), a pen, ankle weights (0.5 kg). Please also ensure gymnasts always wear trainers (if it’s hot and they wear sliders please have trainers in their gym bag) into training as sometimes we will take the team out for a run.

There may be at home conditioning set by your head of squad. Parents please only date and sign conditioning sheets once your child has physically completed the exercises. Conditioning is an important part of our sport and it’s the secret to success in gymnastics as it advances the gymnast physical abilities. It’s important that they are physically complete fully. Please try to encourage your children to complete condition at home without ‘cheats’.

Throughout the course of the year there will be different routines set. When these are emailed out please print them off and stick them in your child’s gym books before their next session. Please make sure your child practices these routines at home regularly.

Squad Floor music procedure – GIRLS SQUAD – Bronze level + 

The squad coach will select suitable floor music for each gymnast in consultation with the gymnasts and the choreographer. The set requirements will be established for the gymnasts and these will be placed into the girls Floor routine. The choreographer will generally spend time in private sessions to develop and teach the floor routine to the gymnast depending on the gymnasts ability to pick up the routine. This will possibly occur outside of training times and in consultation with parents. As with all artistic endeavours, the routine will develop and change over time due to different competition requirements or maturity of the gymnasts dance ability, however the music will remain the same. The gymnast will work with the choreographer on an ongoing basis to consolidate and modify the routine when and where required by the coach or choreographer. Please be aware that composing a routine will take a coach between 5 – 10 hours to choreograph plus teaching time. The cost of the music is paid for by Virtue therefore Virtue owns the piece of music that has been chosen and it remains the property of the Club.

To assist parents and gymnasts in understanding this process we have outlined below a few points that are important in this process:

  • The choreography of floor routines is extremely time consuming, often taking around 10 hrs to make up, plus added time to teach the routine to the gymnast.
  • A gymnast may have a floor routine for 2-3 years depending on many factors. The routine must be suitable for the gymnast, their skill level and physical attributes. It will also be dependent on their ability to move to music and ‘sell the routine’.
  • Selection of music is critical! Time is spent finding the right piece to suit the gymnast.
  • The music will be professionally cut.
  • The music will promote the gymnast’s strengths and hide their weaknesses, whilst still meeting the strict requirements necessary for a good floor routine.
  • If the composition (skills, artistry, distribution of elements and rhythm and tempo) of a floor routine is poor then the gymnast is deducted by the judge at a competition.
  • Further, it takes time for the gymnast to work on the routine at home and the finished product cannot be assessed until a considerable time after the choreography is finished and tumbling is in place.
  • The music and choreography of a routine is a coach’s choice and is not within the area of parental input.