Code of dress

Due to health and safety regulations within the school, Virtue leotards will be compulsory for all general gymnasts, and should be purchased within the first half of your child’s first term. Purchase leotards here.

Leotards are not compulsory for our other classes however we do encourage these members to wear one of our Virtue T-shirts. Purchase kit here.


Virtue School of Gymnastics follows the British Gymnastics Code of Dress for gymnastic activities which is designed to safeguard the participants and coaches. The Code of Dress should be adhered to during training and events, but sensitivity to religious convictions regarding dress will be demonstrated.

British Gymnastics does not authorise or condone unsafe clothing and consequently the wearing of unsafe clothing may invalidate your child’s insurance.

Body Piercing and Body Jewellery

Jewellery and adornments worn in body piercing are inappropriate for safe practice in gymnastics.
A person with body adornments or jewellery must inform the coach and also remove the relevant items to reduce the risk of injury to the participant, the coach and others.
Failure to do so will prohibit the individual’s participation on the grounds of reasonable safety. Failure to comply with the policy may render the individual’s insurance invalid should an accident result from non-compliance with this policy.

Newly pierced stud earrings need to be covered with protective tape but must be removed after six-weeks. After 6 weeks earrings HAVE to be removed.

Clothing Suitable for Gymnastics

Please note club leotards are compulsory for all recreational members. 

Clothing for gymnastics should not be too tight or too loose. Suitable clothing includes:

●  Virtue Leotard (girls) or Virtue unitard and shorts (boys)

●  T-shirt and shorts or jogging bottoms (for warm-up)

●  Tracksuit (for warm-up)

●  NO socks or slippery foot covering

●  NO buckles or clasps

●  NO watches, jewellery or other body adornments

●  Long hair must be tied back from the face, neatly and securely.